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May 25, 2017: The Daily Vigil

By on May 25, 2017

GOP SPIN ON CBO HEALTHCARE SCORE: The CBO released its score on the AHCA. The takeaway is that 14,000,000 people will still immediately lose their coverage, and 23,000,000 will lose it by 2026. The estimates for the previous version were that 21-24 million people would lose their coverage in ten years, so expect the GOP to spin this as “The new version covered a million more people!”. (CBO Score:

GREG GIANFORTE DECKS A REPORTER: Honestly the surprising thing is that this hasn’t started happening sooner. Depending on how the Montana election goes today, violence against the Press might become more widespread, so if you can last-minute phonebank or textbank for Quist… do. []

“BACK THE BLUE”: This one slipped under the radar for a minute but it’s no less toxic than anything else we’ve seen out of the GOP. The “Back the Blue” bill would essentially obliterate what little accountability the cops still have, and make it easier to convict people on trumped-up felonies. Make no mistake, this is a voter suppression bill, as these convictions will be aimed right at protesters and PoC (in other words, people who would be likely to vote Democrat- until their felony strips that right). Call Congress on this one, because its getting zero attention! (“Back the Blue” Bill:

KEEPING IT ISSUES-BASED: Its important to remember that the Russia Connection isn’t going to win elections. Whatever comes of that investigation will come; we should certainly keep constant pressure on our elected officials to progress that investigation thoroughly, but it cannot be our main focus. Russia doesn’t put food on our table or help our kids in school. Tell your legislators to focus on healthcare, education, green energy and jobs! That’s the path to victory and healing, 2018 and beyond.


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