The Problem with Coal

Guys, We Have a Bit of a Problem

By on May 16, 2017

If I may have a word with my fellow heathens on the Left for a moment-

Hi. Guys, we have a bit of a problem. And granted, it’s a bit of a double-edged sword kinda problem, so it has its upsides, but it does present a bit of a risk for us in 2018.

The problem is this: Eventually, Republicans are going to start taking our issues out from under us- specifically, the issue of Green Energy.

Now, I know how that sounds right now. Trump’s bringing all the coal jobs back, right? The Bureau of Land Management’s website was changed from pictures of families vacationing to a background of a freaking coal mine, for Christ’s sake. They’re trying to open up new oil drilling sites! How can you suggest that Trump’s going to go Green on us? Hahaha-

Keep laughing.

Trump doesn’t need to go Green. It’s not Trump we need to be worried about- it’s the Republican Congress. Humor me here-

rally after rally, march after march keeps happening, and who keeps driving these events? Democrats. The Left. You don’t see any pro-Trump rallies voicing support in the streets. Eventually, these rallies are gonna get closer to the 2018 Midterms and the fear of God is going to get put into the hearts of Republicans throughout Washington. They’re going to look for something to stem the tide of a Blue Wave because nothing and I mean nothing like this has happened in American politics in at least a generation. If they don’t do something, the House is a thousand feet underwater and the Senate is in play.

But Green Energy is an issue at this weird crossroads for the Left and the Right. Energy security and independence, well-paying skilled jobs, stateside manufacturing, small businesses popping up like weeds- these benefits have fallen to the Left because the Right has aligned themselves with fossil fuels thus far, but can we really take this issues for granted just because Conservatives have painted the Green Energy movement as a bunch of tree-huggers?

Consider this: The wind power industry grew 20% between 2015 and 2016 (The US Department of Energy puts that figure even higher, at 32%). Depending on who you ask, there are between 88,000 and 102,000 wind turbine technicians in the nation. It’s literally the fastest growing profession in the country bar none, with a median yearly income of nearly $50,000. Oh, and look at that- some of the places that would see the most benefits from building wind turbines are Trump states. Some of the best wind generation sites regardless of cost/benefit analysis are also Trump states. Solar is going equally bonkers, jumping 25% between 2015 and 2016; the industry is now employing between 266,000 and 374,000 people, depending on who you ask.

I mean, look at these numbers. A lot of these are battleground states that Republicans never expected to win but desperately want to hold on to. Michigan, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina- if the Republicans (who have all the power to force bills through when they want to) decided to steal the rug out from under us and blunt some of those 2018 attack ads, would the Democrats say no? Here’s a chance to finally push Green Energy, you think they wouldn’t do that? Come on.

Everybody reading this knows that coal is toast. That’s not even a question in our minds. Global demand is dropping like a stone. Case in point, China recently scrapped plans for over a hundred coal power plants. You think they did that because they’re tree huggers? They did it because they see the writing on the wall and know they can get the same electricity from better sources. Simple economics; costs less to use Green over time, when you take into account all of the environmental and medical downfalls of coal. Eventually, facts like these are going to seep into the collective Republican psyche, and as it stands right now they’re gonna catch us with our pants way, way down.

(CAPTION: Aw, look at that, Solar and Wind just stole Coal’s lunch money and stuffed him into a locker. Oh hey Biomass- go grab Smart Grid, there’s a party at Retrofit’s house. Yeah, Transit is driving.)

So what can we do to prevent this utter bamboozling?

Well in large part, it’s a lot of what we’ve been doing. We have to keep making noise and making this our issue- and we have to come at it from the economic side even as we also approach it from the aspects of “its just the right thing to do”. There is a mountain of money to be made in Green Energy, and if we forget to address the financial benefits we could reap because we’re too busy riding our high horse of environmental virtue signaling, we’re gonna wake up one day with Mitch McConnell popping champagne in front of the new Trump Ohio Wind Farm and Golf Course.

Keep calling your Senators and Congress people, as well as your state legislatures. States have a lot of power in these sorts of issues, and while it’s easy to forget about the States with all the heady drama of Trump’s national clown show, it is our responsibility to push our representatives to take path we’ve known to be the right one since the beginning- both because of our understanding and respect for our environment, and because we know how to make a dollar.

Guys, We Have a Bit of a Problem
Article Name
Guys, We Have a Bit of a Problem
The problem is this: Eventually, Republicans are going to start taking our issues out from under us- specifically, the issue of Green Energy.
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