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Pursuing The Call Of the Political Revolution

By on June 26, 2016

By David Fredrick

The single hardest part about working together… is making sure that we stick together. Politics is a divisive subject, and by nature it forces us to take sides and hold strong opinions. So how do we step back from the war that is this presidential season to recognize that there are people and voters who are leaving progressivism behind as a casualty?

Bernie has said a few times that we need to work together, and that then and only then can we make those changes. And Bernie isn’t the first to say it, and he isn’t the only one.

It is our country’s first motto, E Pluribus Unum.

The creation of our group, and others like it, is that we would like to see beyond the battle over the Oval Office. That progressives and those willing to work for some, if not all, progressive policies can stick to the issues and develop that people-over-politics movement we so desperately need.

Without this ability to work as a group and to see through the sometimes glaring faults in each other, nothing will get done.

That message has never been clearer than this election. Even if Bernie wasn’t your candidate, so many of his stances on the issues are enormously popular. And whether your timeline for universal healthcare doesn’t match up with RIGHT NOW, it still might be ASAP. That makes you my ally, and we can now work together. It is hard to deny that the strides taken in that direction have been immense since April 2014.

What won’t and doesn’t work is when liberals, independents, progressives, and various other political groups demanding quick and significant reform tear themselves to pieces for the sake of party or ideological purity.

For decades people have told me about how their vote doesn’t matter. That is simply not true, the last two Democratic primaries have gone to all 50 states plus territories and some of those losses/wins have been by very narrow margins. Or that the game is rigged. That is true, but if you don’t play, you can’t win. Or that real revolution (not a political one) is the only thing to save us.

Well, this year it doesn’t look like there will be a violent uprising. There sure as shit will be an election though.

So figure out what team you are really fighting for: absolute purity, or actual progress.

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