DNC to Make Keith Ellison Head of the Independent 50 State Strategy
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Petition to the DNC: Make Keith Ellison Head of Independent 50-State Strategy Effort!

By on June 13, 2017

Recently, the DNC has not only been largely absent from Congressional House elections, but it has seemed oddly content, even smugly enthusiastic to keep its distance from seats that could have been won.

Kansas and Montana were both entirely winnable, and we know this because of how well Progressive candidates did in blood-red districts. Trump won Montana by 20 points; Rob Quist, outspent by more than 850%, cut those margins of victory down to 6.1%. Trump won Kansas by another 20-point margin; James Thompson brought those margins down to just 6.8% with his opponent outspending him by more than 2:1.

These were the only races going on at the time, and wins in those locations would have provided an enormous morale boost to the entire Democratic Party, to say nothing of how they could have frightened Trump’s Congressional supporters; if Progressive Democrats could win in districts that shine such bright red they would strip Superman of his powers, how quickly would Republicans begin abandoning him?

If the DNC cannot be counted on to commit serious resources to stand-alone races such as these, it begs the question, what the hell are you saving that money for? What happened to your “57 state-and-territory strategy”? Did these races somehow not count?

Instead of showing us how serious you were by putting our donations where your mouth was, you’ve spent your time running around saying ‘fuck’ a bunch because… why, exactly? Was that to show us how “serious” you were? In reality, it made you the literal poster child for r/fellowkids. You don’t need to curse for us to take you seriously. You need to throw down the money to compete in hard races, because that’s your job.

But you’re not fighting; the DNC is spending all of its energy on the Russia Affair- which, while critical, does not address any of the thousand kitchen-table issues that will still plague our people regardless of that investigation’s outcome. The Russia investigation will not put a child through college, it will not make health care more affordable, it will not address police brutality and systemic racism, it will not make Flint’s water any safer to drink. The Russia investigation will not help solve climate change, it will not undo Republican voter suppression, it will not stop ICE’s thuggish and heartless destruction of our communities. And yet, the Russia investigation is seemingly all that the national party- under your watch- is largely focused on.

If the DNC has any chance of remaining relevant, it has to change. Add your name and remand that Tom Perez put Keith Ellison in charge of an independent 50-State Strategy effort!

Dear Tom Perez and the DNC at large:

Clearly, we cannot trust you to execute your duties faithfully, which is to ensure that Democrats are discovering and raising up bold candidates that will fight tooth and nail for the working-class people of this country.

To that end, the DNC will implement changes listed below, effective immediately- and until it does, we the undersigned hereby pledge not to contribute one single cent to the DNC.

1. The DNC will immediately open all of its fundraising and expense ledgers to the general public, because we don’t trust what you’re spending money on. (What are you spending money on?)

2. The DNC will, within 30 days of the publishing of this document and not one hour longer, publicly develop and engage in a legitimate 50-State strategy. Kieth Ellison will be in charge of this effort and will not report to anyone else within the DNC; he will report directly to the Democratic base.

3. The money donated to the 50 State Strategy will NOT be fungible to the rest of the DNC at large.

4. The 50 State Strategy financial ledgers will also be publicly available at all times.

You will make these changes because the DNC has proven thus far sadly at peace with losing. This is wholly unacceptable and we reject the legitimacy of the DNC until you make concrete, tangible changes that last through the long-term.


The Undersigned

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