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New York and New Hampshire, Get out to Vote!

By on May 23, 2017

Four local seats are up for grabs in New York and New Hampshire. Progressive voters have a chance to turn these seats blue.

 It’s Special Election Season 2017. All over the nation, progressives have been turning out in droves to show President Trump just how unhappy they are with his administration. Local battles have been fought and won all over the nation, and we have made gains even when we didn’t win the seat. Now it time for the progressives of New York and New Hampshire to show their strength. It is time to get and out vote!

Four special elections will be held on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 in New York and New Hampshire. New York’s State Assembly District 9 and Senate District 30 seats are up for grabs, while New Hampshire voters will be electing for State House Districts 6 and 44.

If you are a voter in any of these districts, take the time to get out and vote! Every individual voice has the the capacity to decide the election… especially in local elections like these. Every vote makes a difference.

Get out to vote, New York!

  • Do you vote in New York? Check to see if you are eligible to vote in tomorrow’s Special Elections. NY State Assembly District 9 and State Senate District 30 each have one vacant seat.
  • If you are living in New York City (State Senate, District 30), you can look at the district Map or find your polling station! On Election Days, polling places are open 6AM to 9PM.
  • Still have questions about voting in New York? This resource page should help.

New Hampshire! It’s time to make some noise!

  • New Hampshire State House Hillsborough 44 and State House Carroll 6 both have vacant seats which will be voted on tomorrow. Both of these seats had previously been held by Republicans, but were won by the narrowest of margins. Both seats can be swung to the left, providing people get out and vote!
  • Find your polling address to determine if you are eligible to vote in either of these special elections. The time is now.
  • Find out more about how to vote in New Hampshire.

The Major Players — Special Election Progressive Candidates of May 23, 2017.

Whether or not you are voting in tomorrow’s special elections, please take a look at these four progressive candidates up for election. Share their message on social media. Encourage voters in New York and New Hampshire to cast their vote for a progressive. If you are able, donate to the campaigns to give that final push to the finish line.

New York State Assembly District 9 : Christine Pellegrino

New York State Assembly District 9 : Christine Pellegrino

Christine, endorsed by Our Revolution, CWA, and UAW is an educator and progressive activist in Long Island. She is a leader of the Long Island Progressive Coalition, and has been fighting to improve education in Albany by taking back control on a local level.

The support her community has showed her in this campaign is overwhelming. She has received endorsements from labor unions such as the CWA and UAW, community organizations focusing on empowering women such as EMILY’s List and Eleanor’s Legacy, the Fighting for Children PAC, and support from progressive millennials including the Manhattan Young Democrats. She clearly represents many different voices and interests.

Take the time now to see if you are a voter in NY assembly district 9. Now is the time for progressives to make their voices heard. Now is the time to show the United States that we are able to work together from the ground up, and make real change happen.

Visit Christine’s website to find out more, volunteer or donate!

To see if you are a voter in NY assembly district #9, click here. (Babylon, North Babylon, West Babylon, West Bay Shore, Brightwaters, South Farmingdale, Massapequa, Massapequa Park, East Massapequa, West Islip, Gilgo Beach and Oak Beach) If you are in district, get a text reminder on Tuesday!

New York State Senate District 30: Brian Benjamin

New York State Senate District 30: Brian Benjamin

Brian Benjamin hopes to be elected to fill Harlem’s District 30 seat. Brian’s top issues when elected to the Senate are affordable housing, criminal justice and boosting minorities.

Brian has a strong business background, and wants to focus on increasing and supporting women-owned businesses in his district.

Find out more about Brian Benjamin on his webpage, or read about his candidacy profile

Edith DesMarais for New Hampshire State House Carroll 6

 (The following information has been taken from Edith’s website)

Edith DesMarais for New Hampshire State House Carroll 6

Edith DesMarais wants to find a solution to allow all people to have access to healthcare.

We have not yet found the solution, and I believe legislators at both the state and national level need to work cooperatively across the aisle to find solutions.’

Edith supports women’s health counseling, birth control, and freedom of choice. She supports workers’ rights, including the right to organize for fairer wages and working conditions. Edith supports the right to vote and believes that barriers infringing on these rights need to be removed ‘to ensure that every citizen can vote in their community of domicile’

Lastly, Edith advocates for the protection of our natural environment.

‘The natural beauty of our state is a treasure and increases our ability to attract tourism. The protective regulations implemented in the last 50 years are vital to maintaining that standard, and will require constant vigilance. Clean air and water cannot be taken for granted.”

Lend your support for Edith DesMarais by donating to her campaign, and casting your vote in this Tuesday’s special election!

Mention us on twitter and let us know if you voted today!

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