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For Over Two Years, I’ve Worked On Bernie’s Campaign. This Is Why I Remain Confident.

By on March 21, 2016

For Over Two Years, I’ve Worked On Bernie’s Campaign. This Is Why I Remain Confident.

By David Fredrick

For over two years I have worked on a Sanders’ campaign. My faith and confidence have never faltered or let me down, and last week, those around me began to ask if our losses had shaken me. The answer is firm and short.

No. I remain confident and I remain faithful.

Last Tuesday this campaign saw a meeting and exceeding of expectations. Polling suggested losses of medium to small margins in nearly all of the state voting or caucusing. Even the polls pointing to narrow wins were outliers. On Wednesday and through the weekend I spoke with friends and colleagues within the Bernie Sanders camp, all of whom expressed satisfaction with the week’s outcome. It could have been better, but that was driven by highly optimistic projections.

It seems that exceeding expectations, but not necessarily outright winning, was in the cards. It was calculated in. It was on track to continue to be in the race — and to push into the West while being very competitive. (A reminder, less than half of the delegates have been awarded this primary season).

No one spoke in hushed tones or drawn out statements. Mild monotones didn’t enter the conversations. Hemming and hawing was pushed aside to focus on the need for more hard work (always) and facts — we needed even more bodies, higher turnouts, and that we need 57 — 58% of the remaining pledged delegates. All doable considering the momentum and participation we continually see.

And then the news kept coming; support from leaders in the Navajo Nation, a poll in Utah had Senator Sanders stomping Donald Trump versus an eked out win by Secretary Clinton (which was within the margin of error… so not a clear or victory, and with sinking favorability numbers, perhaps not a victory at all) and another month where we out-raised Secretary Clinton. And as we exit the territory that is constantly referenced as Hillary’s stronghold, we move to more progressive states and states with hispanic and latino populations. A minority it was said we could not win, but where we build more and more support (a strong showing in Nevada, and another in Colorado). Over the weekend Bernie spoke to tens of thousands of people in Washinton. Even as I write this, it has been released that Bernie has won the Democrats Abroad global primary by a landslide.

To me, these events, conversations, and numbers scream positivity.

Right now the Grassroots for Sanders and Sanders for President team is pouring their hearts and souls into volunteering and inspiring so many others to do the same. Around the clock, across the world, and in several languages. We work and we work and we work, and know absolutely that hundreds of thousands do the same.

I am still resolute, and so are millions of other Americans. And I emphasize again, we work. For Bernie. For the revolution. And for a better future that provides and promotes the American people a whole. And that is really what we all stand for; so that this Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

As Bernie says, and I know to be true, “When we work together, there is nothing nothing nothing nothing that we cannot accomplish.”

I am still confident. And I will remain so.

This article was written by David Fredrick, Co-Founder and acting CEO of Grassroots for Sanders and Sanders for President.

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