The Digital Left Endorses Alan Pugh for Elyria Ohio City Council
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The Digital Left endorses Alan Pugh for Elyria City Council

By on May 30, 2017

Alan Pugh has tremendous passion for the people in Elyria. He is a true and honest progressive.

Alan Pugh is passionate and active community member of Elyria, Ohio and we endorse his vision for the city, wholeheartedly. We at the Digital Left have had the opportunity to volunteer alongside Alan for the past year, and we know that he is a true and honest progressive for the people of Elyria.The Digital Left endorses Alan Pugh

Alan has a clear and level head for politics, and a tremendous passion for the people in Elyria. He will to give a voice to people who struggle and need support from their community. He already has a plan to house hundreds of people who live without a home. By working with commercial property owners with vacant buildings, Alan will provide the means to give those who are struggling a fresh start. Alan also wants to make the city more accessible by extending public transportation. By building walking and bike paths through the city, he will also help to revitalize the community.

Alan believes in transparency in all levels of government. He will put this into at the local level, engaging the people of Elyria in city  politics. By live-streaming city council meetings, Alan will citizens have the ability to  be a part of local politics. He knows that local politics only works when citizens have a chance to communicate their needs to their elected officials and will increase the city’s online presence to more easily connect citizens with their elected officials.

Community Activism

Alan’s focus on his community and belief in equality for all people distinguish him from other candidates. In the past ten years, he’s fought for fair wages, marched with the Black Lives Matter movement to oppose police brutality, and was integral to the Bernie Sander’s campaign in his county. He knocked on doors, worked with his team to make over one thousand calls, and became inspired to do more. He knows that when people have tremendous power when they work together. Alan is not a career politician — he is a citizen who wants to make his city a better place.

We stand with Alan Pugh and wish him the best in his campaign for City Council.

To find out more about Alan Pugh, visit his website, and lend him your support.

Alan Pugh is hosting an AMA on Tuesday, May 30th from 2 to 4 pm EDT. You can find the AMA on r/Political_Revolution.


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