The Digital Left is proud to endorse Anthony Clark for Congress

The Digital Left is proud to endorse Anthony Clark for U.S. House of Representatives Illinois 7th Congressional District.

By on July 15, 2017

The Digital Left is proud to endorse Anthony Clark for U.S. House of Representatives Illinois 7th Congressional District.

Anthony’s passion for his community is unmatched, and he will dedicate himself to the position of Congressmen. His vision for the future characterizes him as a true progressive, and he has many goals for his own community in Illinois.

Anthony wants to see public school systems receive adequate funding, so teachers and students have better resources. He will work on ending the divide between police and community by advocating for community policing, working to demilitarize the current system. He wants remove mandatory minimum sentences for criminal charges relating to drug possession. He will combat the job crisis by incentivizing local hiring, and supporting small business owners. Furthermore, he wants to put more funding into vocational programs and technical schools, to ensure that his community is equipped with useful and practical skills.

Anthony’s progressive vision does not stop at the community level. He is working with Brand New Congress to create a national platform which will:

  • Rebuild American industry by encouraging regional investment banking.
  • Build a cheap, renewable energy economy.
  • Invest $4.6 Trillion to repair infrastructure in the United States, creating jobs in both public and private sectors.
  • Rebuild local communities by proving grants to countries, towns and cities.
  • Provide tuition-free education to qualified students at all public universities, colleges and trade schools.

Anthony’s vision for his own community, and for small communities all around the United States may seem laborious or impractical. Anthony’s record, however, demonstrates his commitment to action, instead of rhetoric, has led to real results.

Anthony is the founder and director of a nonprofit in his community called Suburban Unity Alliance. SUA’s mission is to promote unity through the realization of equitable community practices which showcase diversity. SUA’s vision is that each member of a suburban community will have equitable opportunities and experiences no matter their demographic or economic background. They have engaged in providing free financial literacy classes, supplying activity scholarships for those in need, holding tutoring sessions,supporting small businesses to stay afloat, providing DACA (Dreamer) application training and services for immigrant neighbors, holding political forums, registering communities to vote, and even throwing block parties in high crime areas to promote positivity.

Anthony knows that communities need transformative leaders who place people before politics. He demonstrates this in his own community, and should he be elected in November, he will empower other community leaders to do the same.

We look forward to working with you on your campaign, Anthony!

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