The Daily Vigil May 31, 2017
The Daily Vigil

The Daily Vigil: May 31, 2017

By on May 31, 2017

Covfefe in the Morning: Look, this is a stupid thing. But it’s so popular because its a harmlessly stupid thing, and we’re used to every stupid Trumpian thing being apocalyptic. Enjoy the memes.

Skynet: A recent report estimated that just about half of Trump’s Twitter followers are bots, and that he’s been gaining such followers at a breakneck pace recently. You might wave this off as just some sort of ego trip on his part, but remember how social media shapes today’s conversations. If all these bots start pushing hashtag trends they could influence the news in ways we can’t yet predict. Hopefully Twitter’s support kills these bots soon, but that doesn’t look likely. In the meantime, stay aware that this is a thing, and be extra-careful of news you get from Twitter.

Recess, Part II: Have y’all called your Representatives and Senators to find out if they’re holding in-person town halls? If not, do. They’re home all this week for recess and will base their decisions on whether or not people show up and hold their feet to the fire. Consider swinging by your local office in person and letting them know what you think face-to-face. Taking that kind of time carries a lot of weight- even more than a phone call.

Get the Lead Out: Lead is tied to a depressingly wide array of health problems. That much is undisputed. But its links to causing aggressive behavior- and the fact that poorer urban areas are more likely than wealthier areas to still have lead in their soil and paint- makes us ask, could one of the most effective crime-reducing strategies be to devote serious money to cleaning the lead out of these communities, once and for all? It would be a monumental undertaking, but there’s a lot of evidence behind the idea, and it would save billions down the road. Ask your legislators if they have a stance on lead removal, both from the replacement of water pipes and from the ground.


We’ll Always Have Paris… or not: Welp, so much for leading the world. Turns out, Trump has decided to leave the Paris Accords. We’ve just effectively ceded climate leadership to Europe, India, and China. This move won’t save the coal industry, either, so Christ only knows why Trump did this, but it once again displays his utter lack of concern or respect for future generations the world at large. But also keep in mind that there are other countries out there that will now blow past us on this topic. China, India, and all of Europe are going to trip over each other to develop green tech. He’s not only caused irreparable damage to the world; he’s ceded the largest money-making opportunity in a generation for no reason at all.

Remember when I said to enjoy the stupid covfefe memes? This Paris news broke as I was writing this post. Meme time is over.

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