The Daily Vigil May 30, 2017
The Daily Vigil

The Daily Vigil: May 30, 2017

By on May 30, 2017

Georgia on my Mind: A reminder to everyone down in the Peach State that early voting for GA-06 begins today, so find yourself a way to start getting those votes in now; trust and believe that the Republicans are gonna try some shady shit to reduce voting-day turnout. And a reminder to everyone not in Georgia’s 6th District: y’all can still help by phonebanking or donating directly to Ossoff’s campaign. No matter what the polls say, always assume he’s down by 1% until the official results say otherwise.

No Love for the Staters: That’s right, don’t forget in all of this that there are important battles to be fought in State Senates and Houses/Assemblies all over the country- but State-level legislators don’t get nearly as much attention as their national counterparts. Your voice carries more weight in State matters because you have a much smaller pool of constituents to stand out in- and remember that these legislators are desperate for attention. I challenge you to find the contact info for one of your state legislators this week and make it a point to call them about your issues twice.

Russia is Not a Platform: Oh man I am sick to death of seeing this recess slapfight play out over the Tweeterverse; there are some in the Democratic party that get all bootybothered when someone even suggests that maybe- just maybe!- we as a party should be focusing on something more than Russia. And nobody’s even saying that Russia isn’t critical- just that it isn’t everything. And these folks are right; Russia is not a platform. There are people still drinking lead-contaminated water, wrongfully jailed, in danger of losing their healthcare and their student loan forgiveness, on and on and on… whose needs are a little more immediate and closer to home than Russia. Democrats need to bring bold policies to the conversation _in addition to_ espionage convictions.

We’re Not “Anti-Police”, We’re Pro-Accountability & Justice: To switch gears to a specific topic, I’ve seen a bunch of people say that the Left is anti-cop because we want bold reforms of police forces nationwide. Personally, I don’t see it that way; we see that more and more police departments are having ever-worse race-related incidents, and we know that certain steps have to be taken to de-escalate this worsening situation. On the other hand, bills like the Back The Blue Act are only going to make things much, much worse by eliminating what police accountability we still have, and for bonus points, it would act as a de-facto voter suppression law by making felons out of anyone these now-consequence-free precincts would charge with trumped-up assault charges. Call Congress and tell them you oppose this; don’t let it slip under the radar.

It’s Still Healthcare O’Clock: Yes, we are still fighting this battle. Yes, I wish we could finally kill this AHCA shit and move our full attention on to things like the budget at large, net neutrality, and so forth (which reminds me: call your MoCs about those things, too). But we’re _not_ past this yet. Even if Paul Ryan’s Randian wet dream of a bill never gets taken up on the Senate floor, you can bet the Senate is still going to come up with some heinous shit to replace it. Be very clear with your Senators, regardless of party: We want Medicare for All, full stop.


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