The Daily Vigil: June 6, 2017
The Daily Vigil

The Daily Vigil: June 6, 2017

By on June 6, 2017

Going Carbon Negative: While not exactly political news, I found this to be quite heartening. An industrial facility recently opened in Sweden that actively pulls CO2 out of the air, reportedly at a rate 1,000x more efficient than photosynthesis. This sort of technology would pair perfectly with world efforts to reduce emissions, and if enough such plants were built, we might actually be able to ward off the worst effects of climate change. Now, plenty of questions remain, I’ll admit. My first would be, what’s the carbon footprint of building this sort of facility? If it takes 10 years of sucking up CO2 to “make up for” the carbon released in the construction of the plant, we may need to keep refining our tech before mass producing it. If it only takes one or two years, we may want to start building these en mass immediately. But whatever these answers end up being, it’s encouraging to see people haven’t given up on preserving the natural world.

Stay On Target: With days as news-packed as these, it can become difficult to remember what important political dates are coming up. Don’t you wish you had some resources that reminded you of all the issues that we can make an impact on, like local elections and votes in Congress? Guess what! There are! Check out GrassrootsPB if you want to see which elections are coming up, from Congressional Senators all the way down to Mayoral races. Also, Its Time to Fight is an excellent source on which Congressional votes are coming up and how to prioritize the issues you’re calling your Representatives and Senators on.

Taking Our Ball and Going Home: Apparently, the US is threatening to leave the UN Human Rights Council because they’ve been condemning Israel for abuses, but not Venezuela. Now, listen. I’m not going to get into the back-and-forth of the Human Rights Violations Olympics, but I can tell you that the way to go about effecting change is not to just up and leave when we don’t get our way. That’s not leadership, its cowardice- and to be quite honest, it’s very likely an overture to all the despotic regimes Trump has been cozying up to. I mean, think about it- Trump won’t stop shitting on long-standing democratic allies, but he can’t say enough good things about totalitarian regimes like Saudi Arabia, North Korea and (of course) Russia. What better way to signal to them that they can double-down on their atrocities by pulling out of the international council that punishes that kind of madness?

“Well Its Not Like They Hacked the Voting Machines Themsel… Oh.”: Yeah so this happened. And then in comically rapid succession, this happened. I can’t remember a time that the Justice Department bagged someone so quickly for a leak. I’m curious if there’s a Kickstarter for the kid’s legal defense because oh man is she proper fucked in a whirlwind of shit. I won’t comment too much on this one, since it’s gonna be all over the national news, but if anyone cares to bet on whether Trump actually criticizes Russia after this report, hit me up on Twitter @Dispatchula. (Hint: he won’t).

Update: bahaha I was right

The Iceman Comeyth: This is the Comey pun I shoulda used yesterday. Regardless, are y’all ready to watch Comey’s testimony on live TV? Get Thursday’s popcorn ready!

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