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The Daily Vigil: June 5, 2017

By on June 5, 2017

♫♬ Comey Comey Comey Comey Comey Chameleon ♫♬

This is the week that James Comey publicly testifies before Congress regarding the “Trump Memos” that he supposedly kept. I can’t even begin to imagine what he’s going to say, but he’s set to testify on Thursday, so get that popcorn ready. (Fair notice: Though I wish it were, “Comey Chameleon” is not my brainchild. I forgot who did it first, but kudos to whoever is much cleverer than I am).

Beware the Ides of #MarchForTruth

(That joke is mine). This was the Stupid Twitter Slapfight of the Week as far as I saw. There was an argument on the Tweetster about whether the #MarchForTruth events- essentially, mass marches and protests demanding truth and transparency regarding the Russian Affair- were a worthwhile cause to march for, or if they were distracting from the “real life” issues people faced (healthcare, justice system abuses, student debt, the environment– y’know, that stuff). Now, I’ll grant that the Democratic Establishment has thus far been putting all their eggs into this one basket*. And I think that this is a terrible plan that is as tone deaf as it will be ineffective at retaking the House. But let’s also be fair to the people marching here- we can demand justice and consequences for whatever the investigations turn up, and also keep pressure for our Legislators to fight for real progress on “down-home” issues. We can do both.

*Credit where it’s due, Pelosi said that the Dems will institute a $15 minimum wage if they retake power, so that was good. If nothing else it shows that holding their feet to the fire yields results… though we have to wait until they retake power to see if they’re for real. Still, it’s good progress for now.


Environmental Headhunter

If y’all don’t know this about me, environmentalism is my hot-button issue above all others. So imagine my teeth-grinding dismay when I discovered that Trump’s anti-environmental idiocy doesn’t extend exclusively to the climate. The man is so hostile to natural ecosystems as a concept that he’s literally asking the industrial sectors which regulations to trash next. Known toxic pesticides? Use ’em! Cancer-causing industrial lubricants? Go nuts! Did you oil well start leaking? No worries, leave it for the next guy! Even if you don’t believe the overwhelming science that all says climate change is real and man-made, are you comfortable with a fox running the hen house?

Organizing Your Ossoff

Yeah yeah that punchline is old. Have you organized for Jon Ossoff down in Georgia’s 6th yet? He’s been gaining in the polls but we all know how reliable those are. “But Dan, I hate cold calling people!” So do I, but our time has come- team up with the Sierra Club and text bank for the man! That’s right! You can help organize a campaign and secure voters for the most winnable special election this year all without having to call a single soul! It cannot be easier. Get them thumbs texting!

Or, y’know, if you’re old school and do like talking to people, you should do that too.

We won't win unless we earn it.

London Calling

You may be asking yourself, “Why hasn’t he talked about London?”, and the answer is because there isn’t much more to say about it. Terrorists continue to be cowardly pieces of garbage that target innocent civilians; civilians suffer the unimaginable grief of losing friends and family before their time; politicians denounce the atrocities, and some are opportunistic scum-suckers who use the tragedy to make further authoritarian power grabs; authoritarian governments continue to associate with and fund totalitarian regimes who support and instigate radical terrorist groups. Until we address all links in this chain (and plenty others I’m sure I missed in the oversimplification), the cycle is going to continue.

  • Sue Breen

    I just want to say Good for you. Keep fighting the good fight. I do. Sometimes especially in the past, during Bush administration it was dangerous to. Thank you
    Real Left
    Sue D Breen

    • Thank you Sue!

    • Daniel Kauder

      Whatever help our voice provides, we’re happy to provide it!

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