The Daily Vigil June 2, 2017
The Daily Vigil

The Daily Vigil: June 2, 2017

By on June 2, 2017

Guess Who’s Back: Devin Nunes continues in his crusade to impede the Russia investigation, despite his previous recusal from it. He is still gumming up the works of the legitimate investigation by focusing all of his attention as House Intelligence Committee Chairman on “unmasking”- essentially, he’s providing delays to the Trump administration by complaining about how Jared got caught mixing it up with Russian spies. He will be ultimately unsuccessful, but if you have a spare minute, call Speaker Ryan and complain. He could put Nunes in check. (He won’t, but yell at him anyway).

We’ll Always Have Paris, Menage-a-Trois: So, as y’all know by now, Trump pulled us out of the Paris Accords (or at least, set the mechanism in motion for that to happen in three years). What you might not know is that some States have formed a Trump-defying pro-Paris alliance. New York, California, And Washington- combined, the world’s 4th largest economy- have pledged to meet and exceed America’s previous commitment to the Paris Accords. Cities have joined as well; New York City confirmed that it would uphold the Accords, as did Pittsburgh (the city Trump singled out in his anti-Paris speech). The point? We can still fight this. Contact your mayor, State Representatives & Senators, and Governor; see if they will pledge to commit to be 100% green-powered by 2050 if not before. We can still fight this.

Who Protests the Protester: Elected Republicans are not happy with all the anti-Trump sentiment sweeping the country. In response to the massive Indivisible rallies, many states have introduced anti-protesting laws. These laws typically rely on either expanding the definition of “rioter” to cover most peaceful protesters, or making it easier to trump up felony “assault” charges against police. Why do they do this? Because in a lot of states, if you’re a felon, you can’t vote. What better way to secure their party’s primacy? Contact your State-level Reps/Senators and tell them to oppose these anti-First Amendment attacks.

“It’s Like a Series of Tubes”: Speaking of First Amendment rights, major ISPs in conjunction with their Republican stooges in Congress have been pushing to reclassify the internet. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai (an aforementioned stooge) says,

 “Internet service providers do not appear to offer ‘telecommunications,'” because “broadband Internet users do not typically specify the ‘points’ between and among which information is sent online,”

…which is a garbage argument. This is just a thinly-veiled ploy to allow the ISPs to be much less regulated, thereby letting them shaft the customers even more than they currently do. Its all about squeezing as much money out of us as possible, while providing the worst service possible. This one will be difficult to combat right now, given Congress’ current makeup, but be aware that it is happening.

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