The Daily Vigil June 1, 2017
The Daily Vigil

The Daily Vigil: June 1, 2017

By on June 1, 2017

We’ll Always Have Paris, Part Deux: Strictly speaking, Trump hasn’t pulled out of the Paris Accords yet. He’s announcing his decision today at 3:00. While he is still overwhelmingly likely to pull out, we can still lodge protests.  After you’ve called your Representative and Senators, call the White House Comment Line at (202)456-1111. They’re probably be swamped. Call anyway.

Couldn’t Do Any Beto Than This: …Was that pun too much? Meh, whatever. Beto O’Rourke is running for Ted Cruz’ Senate seat in 2018. I bring him up so early because its never too early to start organizing. He’s not accepting any PAC money (so we’ll have to crowdfund him against the Kochs) and he’s anti-Gerrymandering. If you want to help bring down one of the most miserable sons of bitches in the Senate (John Boehner’s words, not mine), give Beto a look.


No Business Like Joe Business: Look, I like Joe Biden. He’s not perfect, and he’s not always polished, but if someone comes at me and says he doesn’t have a heart of gold I will write you a strongly worded letter. But I don’t know if I want him running for President in 2020. Much as I love the guy, at some point we need to start bringing new talent up from the bench, and Joe Biden is not what you’d call new talent. The Democrats’ bench (the up-and-comers) is razor-thin, but we have plenty of time to build it up and find some fierce candidates by 2020. I feel as though even toying with the idea of Biden 2020 is going to suck up the oxygen in the room and impede that development to some degree- and that’s an impediment the Democrats cannot afford to suffer.


Now For Something Completely Different: Can I break from the political apocalypse for a moment? I found this 3D House Printing company and I think they’re neat. That’s really it. Maybe they can help bring down the cost of housing.

I mean, if this guy can write for the Resistance, imagine what YOU can do!

Do YOU Like Writing Articles with Shitty Puns?: God knows I do. But if you’re interested in writing for the DigitalLeft, send me an email! We’re looking to expand our writing corps, and if you’re interested in some volunteer activism, we’d love to see your work. Truefacts: I had zero activist experience prior to the election. I stumbled my way into a Slack channel with a bunch of Leftist heathens and started writing- and for whatever reason, DL gave me a column. But I can only write so much. If you’ve got something to say (especially if you like reporting on State/Local races & candidates) drop me a line and we’ll talk!

And yes, that is an original Power Rangers lunch box. Be jealous.

  • Dan, this snarky bit…”No Business Like Joe Business”! We love ya!

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