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The Daily Vigil, 7/6/17: The Other Guys

By on July 6, 2017

Is It Still in Theaters?: Ok, I need to start with this because its just too goddamn good to ignore, even though Twitter has already mocked it to death. As I’m sure you’ve all seen, the DCCC sent out an email with a bunch of vapid stickers they wanted to print. They’re all weak tea, but there’s one that neatly sums up the Democratic Party best:

Yeah, I have, actually.

“Have I seen… the other guys.”

I just…

Man, if that’s the best battle cry you can come up with, the Democrats deserve to lose another thousand seats. And we’re moving on.

Indy Would Be Livid: I dunno if there was something in the water this week, but these headlines are extra silly. Hobby Lobby was recently punished for illegally possessing ancient clay and brick tablets of indescribable historic and cultural value; they smuggled these cuneiform slabs out of Iraq under the pretext that they were “tile samples”, and when caught, claimed that they only did it because they didn’t know any better.

So can we briefly talk about which organization might be working in Iraq, pillaging ancient sites? Which group of ill repute has been looking to make money by any means possible to finance their empire? Alright, enough beating around the bush: is it at all possible that Hobby Lobby contributed to the funding of ISIS through these purchases?

Alright alright, on to a real issue.

Ranked Choice Voting:  Y’all know how some people don’t vote because they feel their vote is wasted? There’s a bill in Congress to address that. The Fair Representation Act, authored by Don Beyer (D-VA8) and co-signed by Jamie Raskin (D-MD8) & Ro Khanna (D-CA17), would implement a series of changes to the way that we vote. One of these changes would allow people to rank which candidates they’d like to win, rather than only picking one. This would allow people to vote their conscience, putting their truly preferred candidate as their first choice while selecting a potentially “more pragmatic” candidate in second or third. This is important because a lot more candidates suddenly become a “pragmatic” choice if people feel more free to vote for them.

The bill would also move the redistricting process out of the hands of the parties, and assign it to independent commissions in each state. This is a big deal because every time one party comes into power during redistricting season, they draw the districts to screw the other party that just lost power. This is how you end up with districts like these:

They’re like eldritch beasts from a Lovecraft novel

This is what keeps Congresspeople in office despite the fact that nobody seems to like them. And honestly, it’s a big reason behind why we’re so polarized. We here at the Daily Vigil note that when districts get gerrymandered this badly, Congresspeople only ever have to play to their base- which means more “ideologically pure” (read: extreme) rhetoric. They never have to worry about appealing to people different from themselves, since their districts are engineered to minimize the impact those voters have. But if the districts are drawn fairly, these Congresspeople suddenly have to appeal to a broad range of citizens- meaning their policies have to make a lot of very different people happy, or they’ll lose their jobs. It would help bring our country back from the brink that we currently stand on, and we support this measure full-throatedly.

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