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The Daily Vigil, 7/5/17: Voter Suppression Commission

By on July 5, 2017

Donald Trump & Kris Kobach

Voter Suppression Commission: Well hey, here’s some good news to start off on! 44 out of the 50 states have told the Donald Trump and Kris Kobach- the dude behind the Voter Suppression Commission- to go fuck themselves! States have gotten increasingly colorful in their rejections of Trump’s calls for voter information such as social security numbers, with Mississippi telling the Commission to, and I quote, to “go jump in the Gulf of Mexico“. Now, that might not be a sick burn by social media standards, but credit where credit is due: for a state to say that to a Presidential Commission is savage. And with 88% of the Union in agreement with the Magnolia State, we have at least a temporary bulwark against 2018 voter suppression. Because lets be honest, stealing elections is really all this Commission was ever about, because “Voter Fraud” is just complete bullshit. It’s a non-problem. It doesn’t exist in any significant fashion.

Only We Can Save Us: Recently there’ve been pretty big bombshell stories linking the Russian hack of the DNC to high-level Trump operatives such as Bannon, Conway and Flynn. These are terrible news for the Administration that continues to reel from seemingly-weekly Russia revelations; its enough to make you wonder how they’re still standing at all. However, despite these explosive developments, rumors persist about an even bigger story waiting in the wings, one that the Washington Post (supposedly) has been sitting on at the request of Robert Mueller. The potency of this mystery scoop is implied to be strong enough to cause tangible and significant damage to the Trump Administration.

Now, I’ll be the first to celebrate the downfall of this would-be dictator and his crew of enablers, but once again I have to caution my brothers and sisters in the Resistance: Do not expect anyone to come charging in to save us. Do not expect Trump to resign, and certainly don’t expect him to be impeached. If he is, great! But expecting it leads to relying on it, and relying on this ghost of a chance only reduces our own activism since we think someone else will come and fix our problem. Always assume that no one is coming to save us; only we can save us.

Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, Chokwe Antar Lumumba

“Progressives Never Win Anything”: If you’ve ever had the misfortune of reading through the anti-Progressive hate-fests on Twitter, usually barfed up by Corporatist Democrats, their complaints are usually the same. “Start your own party”, they say. “Come back to us when you win anything,” they say. Well, if you find yourself bogged down in one of those threads, link them this article. It details just a few of the wins that Progressives have racked up over the past months, and the news is heartening. Very Progressive candidates have won overwhelmingly in places like Jackson, Mississippi! And these are the wins that the movement is built on; local, city and state-level seats, each candidate a natural grassroots fit for their area and not some operative sent in by the DNC. These are the victories upon which a movement is built. So the next time someone starts crowing about how Progressives don’t win, remind them of that article and glide past the troll on a silvery cloud of smug.

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