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The Daily Vigil

The Daily Vigil, 7/4/17: Back in the Saddle

By on July 4, 2017

Well hello again, everyone! I have returned from my honeymoon and I am once again ready to start dropping daily truth bombs on all those who may seek to cower behind obfuscating bullshit. Are you ready? Because I’m ready. Good, so we’re both ready. Lets do this.

Spoiler Alert- It Ain’t Dead Yet: So, the Forces of Raging Dickhead-ishness and Corporate Murder suffered a defeat last week, when Mitch McConnell failed to get the votes to pass the BCRA. This is a good thing, but as always, we must remember that the bill is NOT dead. Far from it. Republicans are currently trying to buy more votes for this steaming heap by making it even worse than it was before. How could this be, you ask? Oh, child. You doubt the douchebaggery of Ted Cruz, who has galloped in to try and save this bill with an amendment of his own.

The Cruz Ruse: So, Ted has this amendment for the BRCA. In it, he essentially says that insurers ought to be able to sell policies that don’t comply with the “essential health benefits” of Obamacare, as long as they sell one that does. “Ah, good- consumer choice!” you might say, except that once again the GOP have disguised a corporate windfall as personal liberty. See, as far as we can tell, there’s no conditions about how much those Obamacare-compliant could cost. What that means is, insurers could sell a bunch of garbage plans that cover nothing- saving them money- while offering one Obamacare-compliant plan at hugely inflated prices.

Always Remember to Double Tap: So what all this means is that the GOP is not just kickin’ back on their recess. They are going to try and push something through, even if it hurts the people- and now that they’ve suffered one defeat, they’re gonna try to do this all sneaky so that they have a better chance of success the second time around. We can’t let that happen. We have to keep calling our Senators and Representatives, letting them know that not only do we reject the AHCA and BCRA- but what we support. This is key. Telling them what we support also boxes them out from saying “Oh, well, they didn’t like Shitty Plan X but they didn’t say anything about Shitty Plan Y!”. Letting them know that we support things like Universal Health Care tells them in no uncertain terms the only votes that will protect their jobs.


And that’s it! A quick little Daily Vigil to get y’all back into the swing of the work week. See you tomorrow! Happy 4th!

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