The Daily Vigil, 7/13/17: The BCRA on Life Support
The Daily Vigil

The Daily Vigil, 7/13/17: BCRA on Life Support

By on July 13, 2017


Its Still Not Dead Yet: I know y’all wanted me shut up about this, but we’re not done until the BCRA is dead. And despite rumors saying it’s toast, Mitch McConnell is still trying to get a vote on it. The bill has been getting some amendments; he’s been trying to placate die-hards while reassuring moderates. To do this, word is that he’s reduced the cuts to Medicare, and also allowed insurers to sell all the garbage plans they want… as long as one plan complies with ACA standards (no word on how much those plans would cost, though). But by now, you all know the drill. McConnell isn’t trying to make a good bill, he’s only trying to sugar-coat a bad one. The BCRA would still throw millions off of their coverage. It would still skyrocket premiums and reduce the quality and breadth of affordable coverage. It’s the same pig with more lipstick, but we’re not falling for it. As always, CALL YOUR SENATORS. Remind them what we want- Universal Healthcare- remind them that nothing else is acceptable, and that no amount of “amendments” can save hot garbage like the BCRA.

Ajit Pai still trying his best to ruin everything, even Recee’s Cups

The FCC Won’t Let Me Be: Yesterday was a day of concerted action for Net Neutrality, and by all accounts the results were stunning. The list of companies that support Net Neutrality is gigantic and the final tally of pro-Neutrality comments that were submitted yesterday is still being counted. This is another situation that demands we contact our Senators and Congresspeople; even though its out of their hands for the moment, its key they know our feelings on this issue (and the consequences for selling us out to Comcast and Time Warner). Additionally, we should keep drowning the FCC itself in pro-Neutrality comments.

Swing and a Miss: This one’s a two-fer, since they’re both as ridiculous as they are self-explanatory. First up: How difficult is it to say “No, I wouldn’t accept foreign help in a campaign”? Apparently, it’s pretty hard. Paul Ryan couldn’t quite bring himself to say it in a recent press conference, which should be equally disappointing as it is unsurprising. The man stands for nothing beyond forcing his Randian wet dreams on us all since his college days, and anyone willing to help him get there is apparently fair game. And secondly, for whatever reason, Kellyanne Conway thought that the Trump Singing Meme didn’t quite go far enough- so she went and did this. As you can imagine, the internet responded appropriately and many lulz were had by all.

I thought it would be nice to end on a silly note today, amidst these days in which Delaware-sized icebergs are breaking off of Antarctica because of global climate change.


Shoutout to my boy Half An Onion

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