The Daily Vigil, 7/10/17: The Republican Health Care Plan Isn't Dead Yet
The Daily Vigil

The Daily Vigil, 7/10/17: Not Dead Yet

By on July 10, 2017

Making Hay: So Ted Cruz actually went and held real town halls, unlike my own coward of a Senator. And it must be said that this is a good thing, even if he’s still trying to make health care worse for all of us. But I’m not seeking to congratulate Cruz for doing he bare minimum of his job by actually speaking with his constituents- no, I’m here to warn you about what this means. This means that the issue isn’t dead yet. Forget all the reports from other Republican Senators saying about how the BCRA is toast. Forget the analysis of the pundits talking about more “No” votes building up. If Ted Cruz is trying to make hay from this issue, that means it isn’t dead yet. Say what you will about Cruz, but the man is not stupid. We need to make this clear to all congresspeople, even Cruz himself, that the AHCA/BCRA are political cyanide. The calls need to keep flooding in. Because until people as extreme as Cruz stop trying to win people over to these ideas, our work isn’t done.

Grandpa’s At It Again: “Dan, don’t you have anything about Trump at the G20?” Nope. Not a thing. It’s all already been said. Dude’s an addled old man bumbling his way around a party nobody really wanted him to come to. And our world standing is already in daily free-fall; watching him supplicate to Putin only puts more cameras than usual on it. Moving on.

Firebreak:  I stumbled across this last story quite accidentally, and wanted to end on it with a caution to my fellow progressive heathens. So, Politico ran a story about Jared Sexton, the journalist who ran that story about the creator of the “CNN wrestling” gif. In it, Sexton talks about the flood of hate mail and death threats he’s gotten since publishing his story. And while I’m not going to get into the “should he have revealed the Redditor’s ID” question, a quote from the article caught my eye:

“I mean, he’s not wrong. If I could slit his flabby neck and dump him in a ditch somewhere without getting caught, I absolutely would in a heartbeat. Same goes for pretty much any shitlib whiny or fake-news propagandist. The only thing stopping me is that it would be inconvenient, and the fact that the law enforcement apparatus is still semi-functional. I’m surrounded by people who feel the same way. Shitlibs have dehumanized themselves in our eyes. We simply don’t give a shit about them, don’t consider them human. Trump’s stupid meme didn’t do anything to reinforce that belief. Decades of constant browbeating, whining, lying, and despicable deception by leftists and their media establishment are what did it.”

That’s what someone on 4Chan said about Sexton, emphasis mine. And I bring this up with the following warning: The sentiments above are like a wildfire, and recently it’s been consuming everything in its path. But you don’t beat a wildfire by strapping on a flamethrower of your own. You beat it with water, with fire retardant, and with firebreaks– you deny the wildfire a path to advance. The firebreak we can build are the policies we advocate for that help people in all 50 states; healthcare as a human right, living wages, green energy investment, criminal justice reform and electoral reforms (to just name a few).

Look, there’s always going to be hateful jackasses out there who despise everything just because. But by electing candidates who turn our policies into reality- by helping the people who’re hurting- we deny these vile trolls open ears. When we shrink the class gap, when we help people get breathing room between their families and imminent disaster of whatever kind, that wildfire has fewer and fewer places to go.

Its less of “go high” rhetoric and more of “use what actually works”.

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