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The Daily Vigil, 6/7/17: Night of the Living Wage

By on June 7, 2017

Night of the Living Wage: In what was both a stunning and a refreshing blast of straightforward honesty, both candidates in the Georgia-06 special election clearly stated their positions on a livable wage. Jon Ossoff, the Democrat that we here at DL have supported, stated that he was behind a livable wage; he did not explicitly endorse a hard-and-fast $15/hour national wage, but did say that a livable wage should be indexed to the cost of living of an area, and implemented over a few years so as not to “shock” businesses. His Republican opponent, Karen Handel, stated that she does not support such a wage. “What I support,” she says in the video, “Is making sure that we have an economy that is robust with low taxes and less regulation.” Now, if this doesn’t bring the differences of the two candidates into stark relief, I’m not sure what will: One wants our workers to be able to support themselves off a single full-time job, and the other doesn’t care about that. What more is there to say? Help the man.


The Resistance Will Not Be Corporatized: So, I recently saw this little nugget passing through my Inbox. In short, Tom Perez wants people to sign up for his “Resistance Summer” action, which will involve “training organizers, building tools, and creating the infrastructure that it takes to win elections.” I’d like to know where this supposed enthusiasm was during the recent special elections, which saw the DNC allow the Democratic candidates get outspent by at least 2:1.

Look. I’m not one of the people out here that say we can never ever work with the DNC. Nor am I saying that Perez and his team are bad people. But this email smacks of trying to co-opt the Resistance movement, which has seen multifaceted success because it is not connected to the Party at large. This movement isn’t the Tea Party, backed by the Koch Brothers and Astroturfed harder than an indoor football field. Rather than trying to bring the Resistance into the fold and having us build him the infrastructure he wants to achieve his goals, he needs to reach out to the local and state groups and have his people help us. Until I start seeing that movement come from the DNC, I’m going to hold steady on my blanket ban of DNC donations. Donate to the candidates directly instead.


One Step Forward, One Step Sachs: The New Jersey gubernatorial primary was last night. To the surprise of exactly no one, Phil Murphy (D) and Kim Guadagno (R) both won their respective Primaries, and are now set to fight for the Governor’s Mansion this fall. Murphy’s website states that he’s behind some oddly progressive policies- and I say oddly because he used to work for Goldman Sachs. This obviously doesn’t preclude a person from believing in progressive principles, but I do believe that working for that kind of employer does have an infecting influence, and makes a person far less likely to actually push for bold progressive legislation once they’re in office. The Daily Vigil (and the DigitalLeft at large) are going to be reaching out to the Murphy campaign for interviews, and we’ll see if we can’t get him to commit to the sorts of policies New Jersey needs most.

But I will say this- given the perpetual state of madness that the Trump administration operates under, and the loyalty it demands of the GOP, I am extremely worried that a Republican victory in any gubernatorial race would move the Union itself one step closer to a Constitutional Convention.

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