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The Daily Vigil, 6/15/17: In Like Flint

By on June 15, 2017

Cold Comfort, I’m Sure: Did y’all forget about Flint, Michigan? It’d be easy to, considering the circus that has gone on for the past year. Well, if you’ve forgotten, its time to remember. Because to forget would be to ignore our country’s long-standing war against the poor, and to forget this is to condone it. And if we’re seriously going to claim we’re fighting for the poor, we need to fight for every Flint across the country.

Most of the news from Flint has been bad news- either “it just got worse” or “how can officials be this uncaring” kinda news. But there may be some slight good news, though it could be cold comfort: manslaughter charges just came down against five Flint officials. But this “accountability” is laughably insufficient even if all five are found guilty. People could still lose their homes for refusing to pay for the toxic waste that is their water; people have still been poisoned. It took three years for any charges to be leveled, and the effects of the lead poisoning will be felt for decades. There are strong correlations between lead poisoning and violent crime rates, to say nothing of the health effects. And how many other towns like Flint are out there, dealing with lead or some other toxic pollutant in their water or ground?

So when some blowhard on TV complains about the “class warfare” of the Left, you tell them to go to Flint and say that shit. There’s been class warfare committed against our people, but it hasn’t come from the poor and downtrodden. Its come from the ruling classes and leveled against those without voice or recourse. If we as a nation want to start healing the divides within our country- racial, economical, what have you- we need to fight the battles in Flint and everywhere else like it.

Still in the Shadows: We still don’t have a damn idea what’s in the Senate Health Care Bill, and this is because they’re still too afraid to let anyone see it. This should be unsurprising, given the general cowardice of today’s Congressional Republicans, but it is no less dangerous just because its expected. While Trump comically threw the House Republicans under the bus by calling their health care plan “mean”, we shouldn’t expect the Senate version to be any better. This is still Mitch McConnell we’re talking about. Furthermore, the fact that they’re hiding this from their constituents and from the CBO is detestable regardless of what is in the bill. So I know you’re sick of reading it, but we’re not gonna let this fade from our mind. Call your Senators and demand that they make the bill public immediately, and that they support at least some version of Universal Health Care (we here at The Daily Vigil prefer Medicare for All).

Turnbull puts another Trump on the barbie

Mess With the (Turn)bull, You Get the Horns: Let me end on a lighter note real quick, because Christ Almighty the news can be depressing sometimes. Malcom Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia, was recently caught on tape roasting The Donald. Now, ultimately, this probably means nothing in the grand scheme of things, but enjoy the video on your Thursday morning nonetheless.

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