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The Daily Vigil, 6/14/17: Secret Innuendo

By on June 14, 2017

“Let me see… yep, says right here, I’m full of shit.”

Cotton-Eyed Jeff: Well, that went as one might expect. Jeff Sessions appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee and described in stunning detail how little he remembers. Invoking “rules” of the DOJ that prevented him from discussing conversations with the President, Sessions leaves the audience wondering exactly which rules he’s referencing. Unsurprisingly, he never says. This whole charade of a hearing might shock someone if they still believed that Congressional Republicans care anything about justice. For those like Tom Cotton, of course, who tried to paint Democratic concerns as the stuff of spy novels, justice was never a goal. We know this because there will assuredly be no consequences for Sessions’ bogus invocation of “rules” preventing him from discussing talks with Trump. There is no such rule, but it doesn’t matter. The Republicans will not hold him or any other Republican in contempt for their obstruction.


I ain’t goin’anywhere.

No One Is Coming to Save Us: This is a depressing idea but it’s about damn time we get it through our heads. Wherever you fall on the spectrum- moderate, liberal, progressive- you need to get real good and comfy with this concept. Do not expect the “Deep State” to arrive like an avenging angel and save us from Trump and his people. Do not expect a “smoking gun” leak to deliver the final killing blow to all of Trump’s lies. Do not expect Trump to be impeached, now or at any point in the future. To expect any of these possibilities, even remotely, is to abdicate responsibility for the creature that currently runs rampant through our Executive Branch. And when we give up that burden, when we expect someone else to ride in and fix it for us, we get… well, we get the country we have now.

Only We Can Save Us: We’ve expected someone else to come in and save us for too long. We’ve sought our heroes from without rather than from within- as a matter of fact, we’re still doing it as a type this. But that doesn’t mean we’re locked into this pattern forever. The mass protests, the rise of groups like Indivisible, Brand New Congress, the Justice Democrats, Our Revolution, we here at the Digital Left and a thousand other groups I couldn’t hope to name here; the rise of these groups shows that we’re waking up. A slice of the population, unheard of in its size, is now actively getting involved in politics on a daily basis.

Now, it’s true: no one group is perfect. We don’t win every battle and there’s plenty of arguing to go around, but it’s this surge in engagement that is our only hope. It is in these groups that fascist forces lose their primary weapons: ignorance, apathy and fear. Even when we try to hammer out the very real differences between our various factions, it breeds activism- and that level of buy-in is the one thing that even has a chance to drive out the Tom Cottons and the Marco Rubios, the Mitch McConnells and the Paul Ryans. And even this is a tenuous hope, because we have to find a way to keep that engagement high through 2018 without splitting all the Democratic-leaning factions irrevocably apart. It’s almost a fool’s hope. But it’s the only hope we have so we’d better fucking figure it out.

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