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The Daily Vigil, 6/12/17: Court is in Sessions

By on June 12, 2017

Dan Can You PLEASE Stop Talking About Health Care: Ha! No. This is the week to push harder than we’ve ever pushed against this. McConnell is still trying to pass this abomination.

Worse still, he’s rushing because he knows it’ll blow up in his face if it takes too long. He needs to try and pass the Senate health care bill before the public or the CBO see it, so we need to triple-down on our calls to our Senators this week. Let them know that you’ll activate against them specifically if they vote for this, and tell ’em you’ve got a looong memory.


Nothing to See Here: Jeff Sessions has agreed to testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee tomorrow. Considering how loathe the Administration is to commit to anything, this comes as somewhat of a surprise, but don’t break out the bubbly just yet- his testimony is closed to the public. It’s doubtful that anything can be done to make this an open hearing, but it is telling that he’s only speaking his peace behind closed doors. Remember, he’s there to talk about that other meeting with Russian Ambassador Kislyak that he forgot to mention last time he was under oath; this should be a fairly straightforward thing to talk about before the public. I imagine it going something like this:

AL FRANKEN: “Hey Jeff, tell me again- how many times did you meet Kislyak?”

JEFF SESSIONS: “Uh, three, but you see-”

FRANKEN: “So you perjured yourself under oath last time you were here? lol, get rekt. Bake ’em away, toys.”

…And scene.

Look for the faces of the attending Senators as they leave. They’ve been telling before; they could be again.

The People’s Summit: This looked like it was quite the party, and I am immensely jealous I didn’t get to go. For those who weren’t sure what this was, it was a meeting of the country’s progressive activists and most prominent left-wing leaders. Personally I thought that Nina Turner did an especially good job at laying out a roadmap for progressive activism, though I don’t have time to detail all the other equally amazing speakers. The whole thing was crazygonuts and if I can go next year, I am certainly going to.


One of the things I kept hearing were calls to “Draft Bernie”, and to my heathens who’re part of that movement… I gotta disagree. I feel like their heart is in the right place, but I also feel as though they’re missing a key point of Sanders’ message. This whole time, he’s been saying that this movement- Our Revolution- it’s not just about getting him specifically into the White House. Its about getting us engaged, growing a new generation of activists and leaders that’ll last long after he’s gone. I mean, the dude is gonna be nearly 80 by the time 2020 rolls around. Even if he’s still mentally sharp, he might not have the energy to put up with a job like the Presidency- but that’s OK! He’s sittin’ here screaming his lungs out telling us to do it! That if we follow his example and all learn to fight like he does, rather than relying on him to fight for us, then we’ll be infinitely stronger than we would be even if we did catapult him into the Oval Office.

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