Candidate Christine Triebsch
Christine Triebsch

Christine Triebsch wants to turn 32 Blue!

By on April 15, 2017

On April 18th, both Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and State Senate District 32 go to the polls. Progressives have a chance to show their strength.

This Tuesday, April 18th, Democrats all over the country will be watching Georgia’s Special Election for the 6th Congressional District, hoping that candidate Jon Ossoff will be able to flip the seat to Democrat.

On the same day, Georgians in State Senate District 32 will be voting for a new State Senator — and with three Democrats in the running, progressives have a chance at turning that seat blue as well. It’s a big day for Democrats all around, and we can’t wait to see what happens.

We at Voices believe that local elections are a big deal. Liberties are made or broken in city hall and because local elections are not well attended, a small number of people can make a big difference. We, therefore, ask all of our readers to encourage Georgians in the 6th Congressional District, and State Senate District 32 to get out and vote!

If enough progressives show up to the polls, we have a chance to show republicans just how strong we are.

Election day is this Tuesday, April 18th for both the 6th Congressional District and State Senate District 32 in Georgia. Find out about your polling location and learn more about how and when to vote.

Christine Triebsch — Democratic Candidate for State Senate District 32

Christine wants to level the playing field in the Republican-controlled State Senate. She believes that the Democratic Party needs to unify if we are going to accomplish this.

If elected, she will focus on improving education, health care for Georgians by expanding Medicaid, and will support legislation which brings economic growth to Georgia.

We emailed Christine to find out more about her campaign and her vision. We want to help inform Georgians about the candidates and motivate them to get out to vote! Christine was kind enough to answer our questions, and demonstrate her strong vision for Georgia.

Our Interview with Christine Triebsch

You are not a career politician. Who or what inspired you to run for office?

November 8, 2016 “inspired” me. I was concerned about the tone and direction the county has taken. There comes a time when you have to get off of the sidelines and get into the game. This race opened up and I jumped in — and here I am.

What issues are most important to you and your campaign?

Education, health care and jobs.

Do you want Single Payer health care or to keep and tweak ACA?

I believe all Georgians should have quality, comprehensive, affordable healthcare. Right now, the ACA should be tweaked, not repealed. Medicaid was not expanded in Georgia, but it should be expanded now. I am not opposed to exploring a Single Payer Health Care system, but it would have to prove to be the best option for the people of Georgia before I could commit to support a Single Payer system.

Who did you vote for in the presidential primaries? What do you have to say people who voted the opposite, and how do you think we can unify the Democratic Party?

I voted for Hillary. At the time, I thought she had the best chance of winning the presidency. Each vote is personal. I do not judge anyone who voted for Bernie. Hillary and Bernie had much in common.

Right now the Republicans have a supermajority in the State Senate. This means that they can ram though any legislation, continue their gerrymandering or unilaterally put a constitutional amendment on the ballot. So, the first order of business would be to level the playing field and vote Democrats into the State Senate. The Democrats must then work with the majority party and find common ground for the good of all.

On the other hand, what common ground does your campaign have with Trump supporters? What issues matter voters in Georgia, regardless of political affiliation?

Unfortunately, I do not think there is much common ground; however I would hope that many Trump supporters may want reasonable, compassionate, common sense people serving in the Georgia State Senate.

How are you going to help create more jobs? What actions are you going to take to expand the job market or increase wages?

I would support legislation that promotes business opportunities and economic development throughout the state of Georgia.

What is the direst need in Georgia, that you could work to fix/help?

“Dire” is a matter of perspective. To me the dire issue right now is that of Healthcare. As I said before, all Georgians should have quality, comprehensive, affordable health care. I would do what I could to make that happen.

Who has endorsed you?

VoteProChoice; Progressive Democrats of North Cobb — South Cherokee; Galvanize Georgia; Infinite Hope Coalition.

What else do you want to share with our readers?

I am a family and juvenile law attorney. I own my own law practice. I work with families on a daily basis to help them with their most emotional and complex issues. My husband is a 20 plus year public school teacher. We have two teenagers in public schools. I will bring my legal education, the law and the fact that I am a mother to the State Senate — and we all know, moms get things done. I ask for your vote for Georgia State Senate (

Make sure to cast your vote, this Tuesday April 18th!

If you like what Christine had to say and want to find out how you can help support her campaign, you can visit her website — Christine would appreciate your vote.

And please consider voting for Jon Ossoff for U.S. Congress. With your help, we can continue our progressive momentum and Flip the Government by 2018!

Want To Do Something Concrete To Stop Trump? Support Jon Osoff.

Thank you to Christine for answering our questions, helping us to clarify our message, and letting us share your vision. Good luck on Tuesday, and thank you for working so hard to #Turn32Blue!

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