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May 26, 2017: The Daily Vigil

By on May 26, 2017

Big Sigh Country: Welp, in what shouldn’t be overly surprising to anyone, Quist lost in Montana. This is unfortunate, since the GOP has now explicitly endorsed assaultive candidates twice in the last year, but we have to remember that all of the special elections are taking place in blood red districts. That’s part of why Trump picked people from these places; he expected their replacements to be a safe, easy win. And so far, they’ve been wins… but.

Rising Tide: Y’know how after a bad couple of years, sports teams shift into building new talent than outright trying to win championships? Their fans say that they’re “in a rebuilding phase”. That’s essentially what we’re in right now. We’ve gotten our teeth kicked in for the better part of a decade, losing the House and the Senate and state legislatures- but we’re finally getting our heads in the game. Democrats are (slowly) unifying on strong progressive principles and the people are fighting for districts we wouldn’t have even known about a year ago. But that change doesn’t happen overnight.

50/435/3144: If we’re going to fight for all 50 states, all 435 Congressional districts and all 3,144 counties, we’re gonna lose some. Take this moment to get used to the idea that just because we’re on the right side of history, doesn’t mean victory is going to come easily or consistently. We get onto the right side of history by making history every day, even after we lose.

“R-E-C, E-S-S; That’s the way you spell ‘success’!”: Moving on from Montana for a moment, the congressional Recess is coming up. The House is back home from 5/26 to 6/5, and the Senate is home from 5/29 to 6/2. If you want to resist Trump most effectively, SHOW UP AT YOUR CONGRESS PEOPLES’ OFFICES. Bring friends, bring signs, bring drums and vuvuzellas. Call them, write them, and show up to their town halls, but don’t just do those things. Word on the street is that Republican Senators are using this recess as a barometer for whether they should support the AHCA; take this handy guide as a starting point and swarm them everywhere they go. (


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