Alexis Frank for Congress

Alexis Frank for Congress: SC Special Election

By on February 11, 2017

Alexis will be the voice for the people of South Carolina District 5

Alexis Frank is exactly the kind of person we need representing us in Congress. She enters into politics not because she is a politician, focused on her political career, and pleasing her backers, but rather because she sees a problem with the way things are going. Things as they are needs to change. A representative is what we need – someone who listens to the needs and wants of her constituents, who fights to improve lives. Alexis is just this. She wants real change.

Alexis’s background has equipped her with empathy and the capacity to understand what all Americans want and need. She is a student and mother of two. She knows what it is like to balance work, and family.  She is a veteran who served 6 years in the US Army, and knows how important it is to support those who have risked their lives to defend our country. She believes in action, asn United States a better and safer place not only for her own family, but for her community. She wants to be the change, and encourages others to stand up and vocalize exactly what they want and need from the government. She will be voice for the people of South Carolina District 5.

How does Alexis want to change lives for the better? Better education, a living wage, expanded health care benefits, more jobs, and more support for US veterans. Alexis outlined this vision for us below, answering our questions on how she plans to lead us into a better future. We loved what she had to say, and we can’t wait to support her on May 2 for the SC primaries! Please get to know Alexis, and help us make a better future for South Carolina!

About Alexis Frank and why she is running for congress

What inspired you to run? Why did it move you to the point of running for office?

After Trump won the election, I felt sick. I was inspired to be the change and not just complain. I went to the Women’s March on Washington, with baby in tow, and felt an energy like no other. I saw a video asking for citizens to step up and run for open seats in office. My district happened to be on the list, District 5, and I thought “ Why Not Me”? Our founding fathers intended the age of a congressperson to be 25. If our House isn’t diverse, how can we represent people’s disversity.

Top issues Alexis will fight for?

Education, Veterans, Affordable Healthcare, Jobs/Wages.

Do you want Single Payer health care or to keep and tweak ACA?

For now we need to keep and tweak ACA but ideally move toward a single payer system (medicare for all) We realize moving to a single payer system will take some time.

What do you mean by “protect Veterans”?

If trump is going to raise funding for the military, he needs to quit suggesting we are weak and not ready for battle, rather take those funds and protect the veterans. Give them the care they need, put it into their healthcare, into their salaries, expand and improve VA services.

How are you going to help create more jobs? What actions are you going to take to expand the job market or increase wages?

We’re going to fight Trump on trade programs. We have to keep our imports and exports. SC is a large export state that employs so many in our citizens. Without trade agreements we discourage other countries from buying our exports. This in turn will cost us jobs.

Will you fight for a minimum wage? $10-$15 per hour?  How will small businesses be able to afford this raise?

I will fight for a living wage. I believe a living wage is different for each state. I’d like to impose a living wage in large corporations first and as those employees begin to grow and strengthen the economies, they will in turn help small business growth. I’d also like to offer a stimulus to small businesses to afford this wage growth. A Stimulus funded legalizing medicinal marijuana.  With a living wage, we will attract more educated americans to do the job.

What is most important to  South Carolinians?

While out canvassing neighborhoods, the top answers have been Education, Healthcare, Civil Rights, and the Environment.

What is the most dire need here in SC, that you could work to fix/help?

Our Education system. We are last in the country. This is unacceptable. Every child and parent should feel they are getting the best education possible.

Who are your endorsements?

The National Political Women’s Caucus, and the Resistance!

What type of political groups are you a member of? Previous political accomplishments?

I started my political career as part of the Youth Chapter of the NAACP. I then was the Communications Manager in the Young Dems of Onslow County. Now I am a member of the Resistance and doing my part to be the voice of the people.

How you can support Alexis

Progressives all over the nation have lent their support to Alexis Frank. If Democrats work together and support each other in these local elections, we can make a difference. We nearly won last week’s special election in Kansas – we had Republicans shaking in their boots. In the end, Republican Ron Estes beat out Thompson by a margin of 5 points. In November, Trump won the district with a margin of 27. We are making progress and we cannot give up now.

Support Alexis Frank by donating to her campaign. You can also volunteer your time by phone-banking for Alexis and motivating progressives in South Carolina to get out and vote. Every bit helps. You have the power to make change!

Voting Information

Key Dates:

Primary Election Day: Tuesday May 2, 2017

Deadline for requesting primary absentee ballot: April 28, 2017

Voting registration date for election: Sunday May 21, 2017

Election day: Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Voting Resources:

State Elections Website

Are you registered to vote?

All dates, information, requirements

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