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A Chance to Send One More Democrat to the Senate

By on November 23, 2016

Foster Campbell, Louisiana

The 2016 Senate election is not over. We still have the chance to send one more Democrat to the Senate. The Louisiana Senate race was too close for any one of the 24 candidates to claim the seat. Two candidates have emerged, however, as obvious favorites and are headed to a runoff election on December 10th: Foster Campbell (D) and John Kennedy (R).

With the Senate balance currently sitting at 51–48 in favor of the Republican Party, the seat is crucial to the Democrats and left-leaning voters. It would bring a much-needed boost to the bruised left and contribute to the left’s upcoming goal to gain congressional control by 2018.

Campbell has held office in Louisiana since 1976, when he became a member of the Louisiana State Senate. In 2003, he joined the Louisiana Public Service Commission, where he continues to serve Louisiana voters. Campbell, a former teacher, has been endorsed by the 20,000 member Louisiana Federation of Teachers. The LFT praises Campbell on his legislation that established the Louisiana Educational Excellence Fund. This vital $1 billion endowment is used to finance education.

Campbell is focused on improving lives of families. He passed measures that reduced utility costs for domestic abuse survivors, as well as mandated that Louisiana utility companies cease disconnections during extreme weather. As a senator, he plans to support equal pay for women, increase the minimum wage, provide new options for student loan forgiveness, and expand health care options.

With the House and the executive branch squarely in the hands of Republicans for at least two years, the Democratic Party needs to seize this chance to fight for more ground. With Campbell in the Senate, Democrats would only need two Republican allies to block a vote. They would also be one seat closer to controlling the Senate in 2018, which would be a huge boon for progressives hoping to push back against the Trump presidency..

This will not be an easy race. Campbell must overcome Kennedy’s significant lead to win the seat. Because it is a runoff, voter turnout is expected to be much lower than one attached to a presidential election. Our activism therefore has the potential to make a huge difference.

In Solidarity,

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Author: Frank Doyle

How you can help

If you are in Louisiana, get out there one last time and vote!

  • Voting day is December 10 and early voting starts on the 25th of November. Find out when to vote.
  • Follow Foster Campbell on Facebook to keep up to date with his campaign.
  • Volunteer your time to help convince progressives to get out and vote! You don’t need to be in Louisiana to make a nation-wide difference.
  • Share this article to spread the word that we are still fighting!
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