The Digital Left is a small, talented, and diverse team aiming to continue Bernie Sanders’ bold, progressive vision by supporting candidates and important issues via social media, digital fundraising, graphic design, and online advertising.

Our mission is simple: educate, mobilize, and restore democracy. We have a growing team of designers, writers, developers, and activists here to help you bring change from the bottom up. Whether you are a local candidate seeking graphics for your social media, print, or website, or an involved citizen wanting editing advice for your letter to the editor – we will do what we can to assist you. The political establishment wants you to believe that you need wealthy donors to enact change. Bernie proved otherwise. In this new digital and globalized age, we have the capacity to help one another – no matter how far apart we are. If we put our minds and hearts together, we will take back our democracy and transform this country for the better.

Change must start from the personal and local level. But we also believe that standing in solidarity with each other is equally vital. We want to create a digital support community which allows us to work in solidarity towards a shared vision.